#7 Performance

Do the WORK!

Execution through positive action equal progress!

All the goals, plans, and strategies are meaningless if you don’t “Promise” to take action and then execute.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

You have taken it upon yourself to discover your “Purpose.” You painted the picture of your future state and with “Passion” have proceeded forward. Making  “Promises” to yourself and to those trusted relationships who are part of your plan. With strategies and goals defined you now must execute the tactics or the painstaking steps to move from one place to the next.  Sometimes the journey is flat ground but loose soil. In other cases, the travel is climbing the next hill.

In all cases, you need well-defined tactics and the necessary gear to assist you in making the treck. This is where you can call upon your relationships for both support and encouragement.  As defined in “Promises” your relationships have a mutual two-way bond. This trust is well beyond a verbal acknowledgment.  The commitment of the “Promise” tell one another that each is ready to give when asked and to pull when required.

It is not that you need to have the skills of an Olympic athlete or the intelligence of a genius. You need to promise yourself that as you execute your plan when you falter you will continue to perform and learn from this new knowledge picked up along the journey. Exploring, experimenting and embracing fears and challenges are all part of development and growth. Our prior conditioning may have crafted false beliefs which hold us back from realizing greatness.

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