#4 Promise

Make the Commitment

A Promise is a full commitment to achievement.

Promises make people uncomfortable because they set in motion accountability.  First to yourself and then to those to whom you make your promise.  The old saying of “Promises are made to be broken” is only part of the storyline.  Real promises are pledges of commitment and go well beyond words and simple actions. Unfortunately, promises have been broken but just maybe it is because they were not truly promised but artificial with false expectations or without strategy and effective execution.

Promises which are made after complete and thorough immersion into “Purpose” and “Passion” are likely not to be broken because they resonate at a core level of the person or business.

Promise Culture is a complete framework and environment where respect for failing and appreciation for new understanding is incorporated into each “Promise.” Failing does not confirm a promise has been broken.  It provides critical insights into self and company improvement which leads to a stronger commitment to achieving results and calls upon the “Passion” and “Purpose” of a culture where a “Promise” means something!

Promises are the channels by which you commit to execution.  Your “Promises”  are amplified through people, relationship, planning, performance etc.

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