#5 People

Embrace Relationships

For it is through people and their relationships that results are possible

You are never really all alone!  There are people around you, pulling for you, pushing for you, that you may not see but want you to succeed.

Part of a Promise Culture is to understand and appreciate those relationships with the people that contribute to moving from “Purpose” to the next level.

Promises are not made with inanimate objects.  You might kid yourself into making a promise to keep your exercise program or your diet but these inanimate things do not promise in return.  There may be expectations of receiving a result in return for staying to your promise but when you stray these inanimate things can’t bring you back to alignment. Thus a key component of “Promise Culture” is the “People” in your life and your business.

All of your relationships both personal and organizational stratify your “Promises.”  This order allows you to see beyond the obvious and look deeper into all the unique people who are part of your trusted relationships. With each promise, a bond of trust is established with each person.

The more you understand the people in your life and business and the nature of the trusted relationship along with the mutual expectations the more you solidify your ability to achieve “Promise Culture” and replicate success.

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