#8 Progress

Chart Your Efforts

Measurement to objectives provides feedback by which understanding and growth can be evaluated.

On your journey, there will be obstacles which you must traverse. Each step you take toward the end objective is progress.  Measuring your progress and acknowledging accomplishments and setbacks allows for adjustments and future growth.

As you established your plans, you set review points.  Performance marks which allow you to gauge progress toward or away from the targets you established.

At this point in your progress, you get real feedback.  Your “Purpose, Passion, Promises, People and Plans” get a gut check.  Did you dig deep enough into those steps to truly uncover the “WHY” in your life?  Did you go through the motions but chicken out to dig one more level deeper and find that area where you just don’t want to look at or experience? Are past experiences jading your future?

Measurement and holding yourself accountable for progress or lack thereof is when you can stumble, fall and experience a letdown.  You expose yourself in ways not previously considered.  You become vulnerable. Your ego might get bruised. This is all part of your “Promise” first to yourself and then to those people on the journey with you.

If you don’t measure then you can’t learn and grow.  Not achieving a performance mark when you measure is not a failure.  It is just some input for adjustment.  Without this understanding of your “Progress,” you would continue on a path which does not lead to the place you want to arrive at.

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